Call jQuery function after all image are load

Some time we need to set equal height in our design. using below snippet we can easily call function or custom code.

// =============================================
// load portfolio list
// =============================================
function load_portfolio_list( post_length ) {

var category_id = jQuery(".portfolio-list").data('category_id');
jQuery( '.portfolio-ajax' ).addClass('loading');
type: "POST",
url: adminurl,
dataType: 'json',
data: { action : 'load_portfolio', post_length : post_length, category_id : category_id},
success: function (result){
jQuery('.portfolio-list .portfolio-ajax').remove();
jQuery('.portfolio-list .row').append(result.portfolio_list).imagesLoaded().then(function(){
alert("Error: There is some issue please try again.");
jQuery( '.portfolio-ajax' ).addClass('loading');
complete: function () {
jQuery( '.portfolio-ajax' ).removeClass('loading');
// Our code after load

below code are check image are loading after done function will return

// Fn to allow an event to fire after all images are loaded
jQuery.fn.imagesLoaded = function ($) {

// get all the images (excluding those with no src attribute)
var $imgs = this.find('img[src!=""]');
// if there's no images, just return an already resolved promise
if (!$imgs.length) {return jQuery.Deferred().resolve().promise();}

// for each image, add a deferred object to the array which resolves when the image is loaded (or if loading fails)
var dfds = [];

var dfd = jQuery.Deferred();
var img = new Image();
img.onload = function(){dfd.resolve();}
img.onerror = function(){dfd.resolve();}
img.src = this.src;


// return a master promise object which will resolve when all the deferred objects have resolved
// IE - when all the images are loaded
return jQuery.when.apply(jQuery,dfds);



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